Great Fun, Great Runs (63) and Great Food at the FUN RUN OPEN HOUSE:
 FRIDAY JANUARY 16, 2015 you should have been there !!!
 Hope to see you next time!smiley

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Kruisin Krew Photo from Summer 2012 AKC Trial - Thank you M Nicole Fischer for the photo


AKC Trial – April 25-26, 2015

Where: Bucks Mont Sports – Hatfield PA


Judges: Christie Bowers and Jacqueline O’Neil


We are offering FAST on Saturday
T2B on Sunday.

Opening:  March 10, 2015
Closing:  April 8, 2015

Premium is available HERE.

All of us at Kruisin' Kanines are looking forward to seeing you in April!


Great News!!!  Membership is no longer required to take agility classes at Kruisin’ Kanines!

Classes are held Monday through Thursday evenings.

We have all levels from Starters to Masters Classes, something for everyone ability.

Our next group classes begin in March, 2015!

For more information, click HERE.

If you are interested in private lessons click HERE

Whether your goal is to just hang out with your dog,

or compete at the highest levels, we have a class for you.

Want to meet our instructors, click HERE.

OR, please contact Rosemary McQuate, Training Director (

Starters Class


Our next scheuled demo is Saturday May 2, 2015 at Shady Brook Farm in Yardly, Pa; however you are always welcome to come out and observe a class at our training facility, please contact Rosemary McQuate and she will set it up for you. 


Kruisin' Kanines AKC Trials

April 25-26, 2015

 August 8-9, 2015

Bucks Mont Sports Center
Hatfield PA


Kruisin Kanines Agility Club is an American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed agility club.  Dog agility is our passion.  We can help you develop the inner athlete within your dog, enhance your bond and experience this wonderful way to have fun with your dog.  HAVE YOU HEARD?  We have a new training surface in our large ring! We’ve purchased Footing First Equine “dirt”; a combination of sand, fiber, and soft rubber which is stable, clean and easy on our canine friends joints.  If you would like to come visit us and try it out click HERE.

Some of the 63 runs at the Kruisin' Kanines' Fun Run on 1/16/15. Don't miss the FUN next time!smiley

"Look, it's the Fun Run at Kruisin' Kanines! When is it my turn?"
Company is always welcome at Kruisin' Kanines
Bob & Atticus kicking up their heels at the Open House
Another great run and fun by guests at the Open House
Brody, "Who cares about the ball when you have such a get feel under your feet. This surface is GREAT!"
Guests at Open House really jumping!
Another anxious competitor waiting to run on Kruisin' Kanines NEW SURFACE !
Welcomed Guests at Open House
Judy & Archie at Open House
Kathy & KT flying at Open House
Guests at open house
Kris & Giddy at Open House
KT, sad to see this Fun Run evening ending and dreaming about one more run.

Kruisin' Kanines, New Year, New Titles, NEW FLOOR!

Andy & Arielle Mach 2 1/25/15
Congratulations Andy Mielé & Arielle on MACH 2 at the Nita Née trial 1/24/15
Large side of Barn
Old floor cleared and ready to be removed 12/10/14
Out with the old!
Removing old floor, large side of barn 12/10/14
In with the new!
New floor project completed in 3 days and ready for actions thanks to everyones hard work! Large side of Barn 12/14/14
Large side of Barn ready and waiting for new floor! 12/10/14
Footing First floor material delivered 12/11-12/12/14
Flooring material ready and waiting for installation
Will Gerhart hard at work scooping flooring material 12/13/14
Thanks to the skid steer and dump cart our backs ache a little less!
Large side of barn...we're making progress! 12/13/14
Andy Miele spreading new flooring 12/13/14
Some of Saturday's crew: Andy, Bob, Gary, Diane, Judy and Glenn (Indy too) in truck..
Large side of Barn 12/13/14
Diane Dixon(setting behind the dump cart) famous words of the day "go, go, go!!)
Oh no, another load...Thanks Glenn!
Bob and Judy don't just stand there...move those rakes!
"Where's Glenn and the dump cart he's holding us up?"
Last load of the day! 12/13/14
Sorry Alan, but the battery died in the dump cart. Did you have anything to do with that Vanessa??? Thanks
Sally Hunter was having a blast!
Helping to install floor, small side of the barn 12/10/14
Sherry Wilson, another happy Kruisin' Kanine member having a blast! 12/10/14
Susie Diehl stacking old floor 12/10/14
Small side of barn, one block at a time! 12/10/14
Small side of barn 12/13/14
Floor installed and ready for action thanks to everyone's hard work!
Everyone's putting their best side forward. 12/14/14
Sherry, Kathy, Jeannie, Diane, Will and the other camera shy Kruisin Kanines members puting on the finishing touches!
Almost done!! 12/14/14
Some of Sunday's crew getting ready for the next load.
Large side of Barn 12/14/14
Alan Stifelman doing final grating of new floor 12/14/14.
12/14/14 1PM Job finished thanks to the great combined efforts of the Kruisin' Kanines members!