Fall Classes begin the week of August 29, 2016.  Registration is open.  Classes are limited to 6 students. 

 UKI Trial October 29, 2016
Kruisin' Kanines    

UKI Trial Oct 29, 2016- Kruisin Kanines

Don’t miss this chance to run under our judge,

Carol Mount

(Judge for EO tryouts in December)

 Kruisin' Kanines Training Facility
Indoors on FootingFirst Equine Surface
(Combo of sand, felt, & rubber -
 easy on dogs' joints).


Online entries open: August 29, 2016
Online entries close: October 25, 2016


 Day of Show entries if the trial doesn’t fill.


Premium available HERE



AKC Trial August 13 & 14, 2016

Kruisin' Kanines Training Facility

 Kruisin' Kanines would like to thank everyone
who helped to 
make our Trial at our Training Facility a success.


Special Thanks to our judges,
Susan Stephon and Kathleen Rupprecht
and  everyone of the agility teams who competed.



 Hope to see you at our next AKC Trial




Kruisin' Kanines AKC Trial August 2016





 Meet some of our Kruisin' Kanines Members 

To view videos click arrow in center of video and keep your mouse pointer on the screen to view the entire video.

Photo by M. Nicole Fischer
Kruisin' Kanines Agility Demo at Fonthill, July 4, 2016
June 4, 2016 Kruisin' Kanines UKI Trial Winners & Judge Oksana Syrkin
From left to right: Shirley Loos, Paul Mount, Kaitlyn Dreese, Diane Goodspeed, Oksana Syrkin, Linda Womer (kneeling) Jacqueline Wilhelmy, Heather Eckenrode
KK Student Laura Hirth & Ryder's third agility trial and and place 2nd at Kruisin's UKI Trial June 4th.
Piper and Kim Secter achieved their MACH 3 on May 29 at TBAC’s AKC trial at Total Turf under Judges Anne Smith and Ronald McClelland.􀆩
Rick Knecht Photography
MACH 11!!! Congratulation Konnie McCaffery and Iako vom Windy Ridge
Alan Stifelman & Jake 5/16 Langhorne Pet Fair Demo
Ann Johnson & Zoe 5/16 at Langhorne Pet Fair KK Demo
Judy Eckenrode's blind border collie Casey running the course 5/16 at the Langhorne Pet Fair KK demo
New members, Joanna Fleming & Cooper 5/16 at the Langhorne Pet Fair demo
Rosemary McQuate & Joey 5/16 at Langhorne Pet Fair Demo
Judy Eckenrode & Archie 5/16 at Langhorne Pet Fair demo.
KK student, Alyson Fuge & Gemma 5/16 at the Langhorne Pet Fair Demo
Jeanie Burton and River at the AKC Nationals 2016
River, Jeanie Burton's dog AKC Nationals 2016
Kim Sector and Piper at the AKC Nationals 2016
Masters Series Finalists from Krusin Kanines UKI trial held in Pensylvania today and Judged by Oksana Syrkin. Congratulations to Jacqueline Wilhelmy and Obi, Jacky Mento and Bryn, Donna Staivecki with USA and Streak, Scott Puro and Grady,Janet Puro and Griffin IAC IWAC,Nicole Logan and Jeter ( not on picture), Kathleen Oswald and Whimzy ( not on picture)! Well done everyone!
Kruisers Carole Allen, Kris Bartell, Jeff Abel, Andy Miele, Jeanie Burton, Linda Goldman (left to right), and Kim Secter (not pictured) made the club proud at the 2016 Westminster Trial!
Konnie's Iko getting a well deserved nap...3 MACHs in one year!!! MACH 8, 9 & 10
Terri Natishan & Yogi at KK's UKI Trial 10/31/15
Congratulations Jeanie Burton and River for earning their MACH 4 at the Kruisin Kanine’s trial on August 8, 2015.
Photo by M. Nicoe Fischer
Congratulations Blake and Trixie got their MACH3 on August 2, 2015
6/21/15-Congratulation Luke and Cindy Everert on earning your Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred JWWP.
Susie Diehl, Brody & Bartlee
Photo by M. Nicole Fischer